V.A. Galaxie 500 #Fairy
500-sheet limitation. SOLD OUT

Galaxie 500 #Fairy

"Galaxie 500" is the compilation CD limited 500 sheets and the price is 500 yen(taxin)." #Fairy" is the FINAL work of this series. This album contains songs of not only domestic artists but also foreign artists from America,Germany,Ireland and Denmark. And it is the more non-genre and borderless album!

There are Great 13 songs from -

LEM : He released album"put a lem in your pocket" played beautiful folktronica.

LEANDER : They are from Germany. Their clean guitar makes comfortable rythm and their many sounds are addictive.

HOT FUDGE SUNDAE : He creates floating sound and has crooked pop sense.

MUFFIN : The hopeful psychedelic unit spported by Shugo Tokumaru and Apartment.

DRAWING 4-5 : The rock band makes the sound of collage that buiit noise,post rock and electronica.

HALFSET : They are from Ireland. They creates comfotable sound by programing of their own and combination of musical instruments.

HIROAKI ASAI : He is familiar to us and a typical artist of
electronica in Kansai area.

4 BOUNJOUR'S PARTIES : Their music which unites musical instruments & electronica naturally and portrays colors like stained glass.

SONNMI : The soft and psychedelic unit from America.

RUMSKIB : The shoegaze, dreamy and pop unit from Denmark.

AJISAIKIPPU-DE : Their sound is good old, warm and simple, but arrangement is very elaborate.

ULOR : The unit of Kan Daisuke who took part in some compilation albums("kalk seeds" ,"doremi de utaou" etc.,)

AMATO : Their sound is natural,electro and acoustic.
Galaxie 500 #Fairy Artist

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